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Patrick  K.

Patrick K.

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Arrived to do performance maintenance. Inspected the condensation drain line for flow. Inspected system air filter and replaced the filter media. Verified operation of all mechanical and electronic components in the furnace. Checked blower for cleanliness and to see if there is any play in the bearings. Checked system heat exchanger to ensure proper venting of flue gas. Checked air conditioning coil for cleanliness and to see if there are any restrictions to airflow. Found that the underside of the air conditioning coil has bacterial growth present. Recommended installing a UV bulb to remove any bacterial growth. Analyzed the combustion gas to ensure safe and efficient flame. Performed an electronic gas leak search. Cleaned the exterior of the furnace and water heater. With homeowners approval reached out to the office to order the remote mount bulb and once parts arrive will reach out to the homeowner to schedule a time for installation. Furnace is operating properly at this time. Vie