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1-17-24 Beer reach-in cooler not working. Found the condenser fan motor was bad,picked up new fan motor and installed. Unit is working. Compressor is extremely hot. May take overnight to completely cool the box down. System on the south perimeter area in the dining room thermostat reading 66° and it said it’s 69° Check the twin furnaces. Also are working properly. Rise it is at 50° it’s right between 25 and 55 Supply is 135° return is 85° The thermostat for the perimeter system is against an outside wall. When I remove the thermostat from the wall there is some insulation back there. There’s also a breeze coming through. I use some foam tape to isolate the thermostat from the breeze. The center dining room system getting the same temperatures Coming out of the registers is 120° Upstairs by the beer kettles the temperature is 81° Dining room area has extremely high ceilings, most of most of the heat is going up in the ceiling. We need to get some kind of fan system set up to blow