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Adam J.

Adam J.

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Arrived at the customers home for an AC maintenance. Upon arrival I put the system into cooling mode and began by checking static pressure. I found static pressure to be failing today at .9 when the system is rated for .8. I shut the system down, checked the filters, dampers, vents and blower speeds and retested the system. Static was passing at .64. I performed a CFM count which was also passing. I checked all electrical levels which were good today. I inspected the blower wheel assembly for cleanliness and excessive play in the bearings. I found the blower wheel to be dirty today. I performed a temperature split between the supply and return air which was 15 degrees. I moved to the outdoor unit and checked the target evaporating temperature on the board which was 49 and also checked the actual evaporating temperature which was 48. I checked the compressor current amps which were 8. I noticed the outdoor coil was dirty today. I spoke to the customer about the issues I found and option