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Noah M.

Noah M.

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Scope of work. Company will remove old kitchen faucet and installed new customer supplied faucet. Company will pull and reset basement toilet and properly shim toilet Arrived at customers home Thursday, September 15, 2022. Customer had already purchased new kitchen faucet to be installed. Customer also brought to attention that basement toilet wobbled on floor. Gave customer multiple estimates for repairs. Customer chose to have kitchen faucet installed as well as toilet pulled and reset with new wax ring and shims properly. Shut water off to kitchen faucet in removed old kitchen faucet. Installed new customer supplied Moen kitchen faucet. Tested thoroughly. No leaks and functioning properly. Went to basement bathroom and shut water to toilet. Pulled toilet and replaced wax ring then used toilet shims to properly place toilet. Turn water back onto toilet and tested thoroughly. Toilet functions properly with no leaks. Company will honor one year warranty on pull and reset toilet in bas