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Dale S.

Dale S. Job Checkin

P3 Member Ac service - tune up air conditioner, clean system and test all components. Verify register temperate matches thermostat settings. Change filters.

Dale S.

Dale S. Job Checkin

Summer AC service. Cleaned and tuned up the air conditioner unit, checked all connections and parts for proper function, checked coolant level, changed air filters and thermostat batteries

Andrew P.

Andrew P. Job Checkin

$89 Drain Cleaning Special - cleared a clog from the kitchen drain, advised homeowner on better grease disposal to avoid future clogs

Elle A.

Elle A. Job Checkin

Performed indoor air quality check. Checking dehumidifiers and air filters in the house.

Rick B.

Rick B. Job Checkin

Quoted repairs and emailed Keith Butler the proposal.

Jerry B.

Jerry B. Job Checkin

I arrived to find the York package unit model ZXG12E4B1AA1A111A2, serial number N1K6997882 with the blower motor and condenser fan motors running. Neither compressor circuit one or two were running. Compressor circuit 1 was disconnected and the condensation drain was dry. The compressor for circuit two was shut off due to high pressure caused by a dirty condenser. I cleaned the condenser and reset the unit. Compressor two came on and ran for third minutes with no issues. Without circuit one the unit is only producing a 14 degree temperature split. Compressor circuit one is completely out of refrigerant. Rick will get with the owner to discuss a repair strategy.