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During this visit I discovered that there was no primary voltage at the condenser (cu#5). I checked the breaker box and found the breaker for that condenser was in the off position. I turned the breaker back on and thoroughly checked the condenser. The unit is cooling properly. I cycled the unit several times and could not get the unit to trip the breaker again. At this time cooling has been restored and the condenser is functioning within the manufacturer’s specifications. Thank you, Jon Tech notes: Carrier (cond), system#5, m/n 24ABB348A510, s/n 0217E19560, cond split 17 (103-85), comp amps 9.93 (13.1), odf amps 1.41 (1.45), odf bearings no side play, spins freely and no oil, DT 19 (73-52), 206v 3ph, odf cap 4.93 (5uf), inrush 30.9, 60hz confirmed, contactor pristine, no loose wires, unit sounds ok.