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Jerry B.

Jerry B.

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The system ( condenser model HS29-048-13Y-OPT SN 5806M03960) was not cooling this properly in the morning when they arrived so they turned the system off. When we got here I turned the system on cool and it came on. I checked the refrigerant levels and the were where they were supposed to be with a slightly high subcooling but there is a high heat load and high humidity and a slightly dirty condenser on one side. The 5 inch filter was dirty and we replaced it with a customer provided filter. The condenser fan capacitor (7.5 mfd) is running slightly low indicating that a failure will most likely happen in the near future. We also changed the batteries on the thermostat because they were extremely corroded. Temperature split 75 degree return 55 degree supply 20 degree split I sent an email with the quote for the capacitor