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Tyler R.

Tyler R.

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Upon arrival I began the AC tune up on the main floor system. I did a static pressure test on the unit and on the manufacturer label it shows the maximum static pressure for this unit is .5. When I first tested it, it was reading at .8 which is failing at this time. All of basement vents were closed so I opened them all up and removed the filter and retested it and it came down to .58. I offered to have a field supervisor to come out and verify my findings and see if there is anything we can do to help resolve that issue but he didn’t want anyone else out today so I cancelled the field supervisor. The running amps on the blower motor were within specifications but the blower wheel was very dirty. I checked the outdoor unit running amps on he fan and compressor and both were within specs. The capacitor for the fan & compressor were also still in good shape. Refrigerant charge looked good and I didn’t see any leaks of any kind at this time. I then started the tune up on the 2nd floor uni