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2/22/21  Confirmed with Kim for Friday  2/26/21. sM Notice of Non Compliance and Repair Proposal Fire Systems of Michigan recently inspected the fire extinguishers at your establishment in accordance with applicable state statutes, local fire codes and NFPA guidelines. While inspecting your extinguishers, they were determined to be "Non-Compliant" per local fire codes. The attached proposal summarizes the non-compliance issues that were found during the inspection and the costs and actions needed to correct them. Please contact me as soon as possible to review the attached proposal and schedule the repair to your fire extinguishers. I look forward to working with you to bring your extinguishers into compliance. To discuss this proposal, please contact: Rob Harrison Phone: (616) 588-0746 Email: rob.harrison@firepros.com EQUIPMENT REPAIR AGREEMENT This Agreement between FIRE SYSTEMS OF MICHIGAN (Company) and you (the Customer) provides for repair services only on the equipment indicated