2710 Northridge Dr. Suite #F
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

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Gary B.

Gary B. Job Checkin

Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection (5 FE?) Semi-Annual Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Inspection (Ansul Auto-Fry System) Annual Exit/Emergency Lighting Inspection (1 EE?) Portable Extinguishers, Kitchen Suppression, and Emergency / Exit Lights Inspection

Brandon  F.

Brandon F. Job Checkin

William S.

William S. Job Checkin

Sprinkler, Obstruction Investigation, and Hydrostatic Testing Repair

Mike R.

Mike R. Job Checkin

Annual Fire Alarm Inspection Notifier- 1 booster panel, 7 smokes, 6 manual pulls, 10 hs.

Brandon  F.

Brandon F. Job Checkin

Completed kitchen suppression system repairs

John  R.

John R. Job Checkin

Brandon  F.

Brandon F. Job Checkin

Completed fire extinguisher inspection and exchanged (3) fire extinguishers due for service on site.