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1/15 Confirmed with Dan Ello, his manager Pamela will come in for you. Her cell is: 419-975-7111 km 1/6 EMailed Team Kitchen Suppression, Portable Extinguishers, and Emergency / Exit Lights Inspection Semi annual inspection of the kitchen system Annual inspection of the fire extinguishers Annual inspection of the e/lights 90 minute load test Deficiency: Second deep fryer from the left is unprotected. Quick seal is plugged. Deficiency: 2- 4 Gallon Tall Range Gaurd Tanks Our Out of Hydro Date. Deficiency: Electric connections are made inside of control head. Deficiency: Number of Systems failed : 1 Deficiency: Number of Extinguishers Left at Job: 1 Deficiency: K-Class fire extinguisher has broken hanger and dent. Inoperable Deficiency: Emergency light in men’s restroom needs to be replaced broken light.

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