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Terrence J.

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11/9/23 Sent email regarding inspection DH Sprinkler and Backflow Inspection Annual Fire Sprinkler System Inspection Annual Back Flow System Inspection/Test (2) Deficiency: Sprinkler system is due for gauge change. 1- water 💦 gauges Deficiency: There is no evidence of five-year internal check valve inspection, fire department connection. 2- 4” victaulic coupling Deficiency: There is no evidence of five-year internal obstruction investigation. 2- 4” victaulic couplings Deficiency: There is no evidence of five year Hydro test on fire department connection. Deficiency: Sprinkler head box needs one universal wrench, 1- universal sprinkler wrench Suggested: Rear stock area, where a new beer cooler has been installed has a drop ceiling in it with no protection below the ceiling. There are sprinkler heads above that ceiling. This should be looked at and measured out by a sprinkler design guy to see how much protection is needed, and how to lay it out. Deficiency: New beer cooler ha