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Cody B.

Cody B.

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06/21/24 Techs Cody and Hunter arrived to customer's home and met the homeowners. We started on the guest house units. All 3 units were low on charge. The compressors and fan motors were all operating correctly. The capacitors were all within tolerance, and the primary electrical controls were in good condition. The indoor coils were heavily corroded, and all the units had some form of biological growth. The static pressures of all three were with acceptable ranges. One drain line was clogged and the homeowner wanted us to clear it out. We replaced all the filters and washed/waxed all the condenser units. On the 3 units of the main house we replaced all the filters. Washed and waxed all the condenser units. The refrigerant charge on all three units was correct as well as the static pressure on all of the units. There was biological growth on all the indoor coils and inside the cabinets. the units for the guest rooms and the living room had their compressors and fan motors operating c