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katie c.

katie c. Job Checkin

Zak L.

Zak L. Job Checkin

Arrived for AHC #IAQ filter ok Drains clear Heat strips fine Blower and coil clear Biological growth on the air handler, supply plenum, and duct work - UV system and duct cleaning highly recommended Washed condenser coil Capacitor fan motor and refrigerant fine Compressor over amping significantly and should have a hard start kit installed to prevent premature failure Homeowner will budget accordingly and get back to us

Diego M.

Diego M. Job Checkin

Upon arrival system was in working condition. Looking at the indoor unit all electrical connections and components are good. Blower is a little dirty. Coil is clean. Both plenums are dirty and have biological growth. Recommended duct clean and uv light. Flame sensor has visible rust , working at this time however. No water safety. Heating componets and safetys are good. Filter was changed. Left system in working condition. Thank you for choosing comfort experts.

Tyler L.

Tyler L. Job Checkin

I completed an electrical tune-up their panel looks great they don't have a search protector I did offer them one but I wanted to address a few other things first such as their Christmas lights keep going out most likely due to surges so I advise them to get a couple of surge protector strips and throw them on the outlets with the lights but the outlets on the outside aren't working as well so I have sent them an estimate regarding a standard diagnostic to trace out the issue as to why the two outside plugs aren't working I did look for gfci's that would control them but I found none

Blake  B.

Blake B. Job Checkin

Tech arrived at a membership tune-up. Upon inspection, the duel run capacitor was reading 0mfd. The contactor was in working condition. The condenser coils were damaged and restricted. The system did not appear to have Surge Protection. The blower was pulling high amperage. The Delta was within range. The drain was clear and bleach was poured. There was no drain safety. The indoor coil was rusted. The heating system reached complete ignition. The gas pipe is flexible and penetrates the cabinet. Also there is no easy way to shut off the gas at the unit. This is a safety concern. The customer was contacted via phone call and informed of recommendations. He may have an extra capacitor and will search for it. He is aware of the code item and recommendations. He will think about repairs/replacement closer to summer. The system was functioning upon departure.

Mike  S.

Mike S. Job Checkin

Arrived on site greeted customer. Customer said unit was not cooling started investigation on outdoor unit checked all components capacitor was blown replaced cap 70/7.5 mfd dual run. System is now operating and cooling properly.

Dennis C.

Dennis C. Job Checkin

Low refrigerate, evaporator coil rusty corroded and leaking, drain line needs to be redone, no ptrap, no vent and is going up hill, drain switch not operating, system upgrade do to age condition refrigerate phase out and efficiency. Comfort advisor 6-29-23 630-8.

Craig  B.

Craig B. Job Checkin

Went to house for annual heating and cooling tune up on one system, checked indoor unit in heating first. Filter is dirty, changed filter, blower is clean, ducts are clean, drain lines are clear but draining slowly, recommended drain clear and pan strip. Recommended surge protection on house to protect all appliances, or unit surge protector. Airflow is good, electrical connections are tight, unit is operational in heating. Checked condenser unit in cooling, fan amps good, compressor amps high on startup, recommended compressor saver to decrease starting amperage. Cleaned condensor coil, freon is good, unit is operational in cooling.

Zak L.

Zak L. Job Checkin

Arrived for HTU Furnace functional Inducer motor over amping Flex line into the unit is not to code Blower cabinet is starting to cave in due to corrosion weakening the structural integrity of the unit Cst advised he cleaned and sealed the coil compartment - he also replaced the control board and has an inducer motor at the house just hasnt had time to install it Cst is not interested in CA visit