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Kellen M.

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2013 3 ton trane hp attic horizontal. Filters- homeowners had a filter at the returns and at the indoor unit. I expressed the importance of removing either or. Drain line is clear. Blower wheel has a layer of dirt. Evaporator coil is getting dirty. DeltaT was 80 degress. Outdoor unit inrush amp exceeds data tag LRA. 50mfd capacitor is below manufacturer tolerance. Vapor line needs insulation. There is a lot of airflow restriction to the outdoor unit. Homeowners mentioned appliances lost in electrical outages due to surges. I informed about the 24 month uv bulb lifespan. Stage 2 heating is coming on right away due to compromised compressor. Discussed a whole home surge protector. Attic access inside home and needs an attic tent to stop hot attic energy from leaking I to the home. After addressing all of the issues surrounding the age, lack of warranty, compressor behavior, capacitor outside of tolerance, airflow restrictions on both indoor and outdoor and electrical bills bei