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Weatherford, TX 76008

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Alec G.

Alec G. Job Checkin

During inspection verified that system was working properly Spoke to customer about recommendations for the system Customer wanted to hold off for now and possibly get it done going into next month and also said they won something when they got the free tune up and I let them know I would get in touch with the office and when we come back for the work I would bring the free part with me Left customers house with system operating properly

Craig  B.

Craig B. Job Checkin

Went to house for heating and cooling tune-up on carrier system. Checked indoor unit in heating first, filter dirty, replaced filter, ducts ok, drain lines clear, no water safeties, recommended drain switch. Evaporator coil looks good, electrical connections are tight, no airflow issues, biological growth starting in unit, recommend uv system to sterilize bacteria. Unit operates on heat well. Went to outdoor unit and checked in cooling. Defrost board is good, clean condensor coil, fan amps normal, compressor amps high, recommended compressor savor. Electrical connections good, unit operates in cooling normally. The system is functioning properly.