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Upon arrival the indoor and outdoor system was running and cooling. The indoor unit was in good shape factoring in age. The coil was not rusted and the delta of 17 is good. The blower was dusty and it's capicator was out of tolerance. The drain line flowed when flushed but did not have any water safety on the unit. I did advise the customer of the potential for water damage without the safety The outdoor system was fairly clean. The dual run capicator was 29 out of 45 and is likely causing the fan run amps and compressor amps on start up to be above what they are rated. Fan is running at 1.03 and max rated is .93. the compressor is starting up at 128.6 amps and the max is 109. Customer declined to pursue any of my recommendations today. As I left I ensured the system was back up and running. Thanks for choosing comfort experts and have a great day!