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Luis F.

Luis F. Job Checkin

Today we completed your termite liquid service application. I inspected all termite bait stations and didn't find any signs of active termites. I also booster treated soil area of exterior bathroom wall and front porch paver area. I also injected soil around cherry tree, willow tree and tree by left rear corner. Thank you for choosing Green Pest Solutions.

Justin G.

Justin G. Job Checkin

Good afternoon. Today I completed your initial pest control service. Today I used an interior liquid residual product and spot treated the floorboard perimeter of every room in the house per customer request as a general pest preventative measure. I then used another liquid residual product on the exterior perimeter foundation of the house. Please allow both liquid residual products 7-10 days for products to start working and then in that time frame and thereafter you should start to see a decrease in general pest activity. This liquid product will leave an invisible band that the pests do not know is there, they cross over, pick up the chemical on their sticky appendages(legs) and possibly transfer the chemical back to each other, eventually it will catch up to the pests and kill them. There were no signs of termite activity nor were there any signs of entry points leading from the exterior into the interior of your household. If you should have any questions or concerns please call u

Daniel K.

Daniel K. Job Checkin

I completed your quarterly pest control service today. I treated the exterior of the home with a liquid residual. I treated around the foundation, windows, and doors of the exterior perimeter and any cracks and crevices accordingly. A granular perimeter treatment was used to reduce the insect activity around the home perimeter. During my treatment I inspected the exterior for any possible pest entry points. I did not find any. If you need any further treatment please call and book an appointment with our office. Please visit our new customer portal. Thank you for choosing Green Pest solutions and have a great week.

Kevin M.

Kevin M. Job Checkin

Today I completed your initial service. I treated all rooms inside the house with a liquid residual treatment including the basement and garage. I did hear a cricket in the basement that was the only pest activity I noticed inside. Afterward I went aroun

William A.

William A. Job Checkin

Paid 1000 #124, SIGNATURE ON FILE HELLO CAME OUT TODAY AND DID YOUR TERMITE TREATMENT drilled treated and patched slab at front ,trench and treated soil around perimeter of house with termidor he swarm sheet for information