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What service??

Hi Zachary, I got your call that you were on your way, saw truck outside, but never saw you actually service my property. My mom and I were both working from home. Neither dogs nor Ring camera picked up any activity. Then I called you back, no answer. Then I got an email stating my exterior was serviced. I think you made a mistake and have to return.

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for old bridge, nj

Jake K.

Jake K. Job Checkin

Today I was here for your quarterly pest control service. If you received any notification earlier about termite bait scans, that is because I accidentally pressed on your tab to input information for an earlier stop. Please disregard any information received earlier. For your quarterly service today I went around and took down all cobwebs are on the exterior of the home. I applied a liquid activated granular along mulch bed areas next to the foundation. Lastly I applied a liquid treatment around the foundation, windows, and any reachable eaves to deter general pests from coming into your home. Please allow this treatment 10 to 14 days to take full effect. Thank you for choosing Green pest solutions.

Jayme R.

Jayme R. Job Checkin

Today I performed your quarterly pest control service. I inspected the exterior of your home for pest activity and conducive conditions and removed any webs from around windows and doorways. I treated the exterior perimeter along the foundation (1 foot up/out over soil areas and crack and crevice to paved areas) for ants and general insect control. Ants are on the move this time of year. This is a preventative as well as a remedial treatment for any current ant activity. Additionally, I applied a moisture activated granular product to lawn and landscape areas close to the house for general insect and arachnid control. Lastly I serviced your exterior rodent bait station and replaced bait as needed for low mouse activity. Thank you for choosing Green Pest Solutions!

Justin G.

Justin G. Job Checkin

Good afternoon. Today I completed your initial pest control service. Today I inspected the entire interior of the house for possible roach activity. The only areas of the house that customer had seen roach activity was in the living room, master bedroom, and both bathrooms. Today I placed two roach bait filled arenas in each of the listed rooms above to help us monitor for any new roach activity. I will set up a two week technician follow up service to see if the activity has subsided. Today I also placed a total of 10 glue boards around the entire basement area perimeter to help us monitor and track for any general pest activity. Today I used a liquid residual product on the exterior perimeter foundation of the house. please allow this liquid residual product 7-10 days for best results on seeing a decrease in pest activity. There was a small entry point on the outside of the side of the house which I filled in using copper mesh material. I then used a moisture activated granular aroun

Zachary L.

Zachary L. Job Checkin

Today I completed your quarterly pest service. I inspected the exterior of your home for any new pest entry points I did not find any. A liquid residual product was applied one foot up and one foot out of home to help prevent any seasonal pest from entering your home. A moisture activated granular was applied to the front and sides of your home as another barrier to help deter away any seasonal pest from entering your home. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to give us a call. Thank you for choosing Green Pest Solutions. Have a great day and be safe.