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Martin W.

Martin W. Job Checkin

Today I completed your quarterly pest control service. A liquid residual treatment was applied around the exterior of house. Also a moisture activated granular application was spread around the exterior perimeter of home. These applications are to aid in the prevention of insect entry and insect control. Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for using Green Pest Solutions and have a great day.

Jayme R.

Jayme R. Job Checkin

Today I performed your quarterly pest control service.I removed any webs from the exterior around windows and doorways and inspected for pest activity and conducive conditions.I treated the exterior perimeter along foundation for ants and general ins

Jayme R.

Jayme R. Job Checkin

Today I performed your second bed bug treatment. I inspected for bedbug activity and found low live activity. I treated crack and crevice to baseboards, furniture, closets as needed for bedbugs. Please allow 7-10 days for product effectiveness. Thank

Brett I.

Brett I. Job Checkin

Today I performed your subterranean termite liquid treatment. I treated the entire exterior perimeter of the home with termidor he. Please allow 60 to 90 days to see full effect. Please call with any issues. Thank you for choosing Green Pest Solutions.

Kevin M.

Kevin M. Job Checkin

Today I completed your quarterly service. First I sprayed the base of your home with a liquid residual treatment. Next I applied a moisture activated granular to help reduce pest activity. Last I knocked down the spiderwebs around your home. If you hav

Daniel K.

Daniel K. Job Checkin

Today I completed your One time service. I treated the first floor appartment for ant. I spot treated the kitchen, bathroom and living room. I dusted the exterior of the building with a web pole for any cobwebs. A granular perimeter treatment was used to