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Justin G.

Justin G. Job Checkin

Good morning. Today I completed your quarterly pest control service. Sorry I missed you. Today I used a liquid residual product on the exterior perimeter foundation of the house as a preventative measure for general pest activity. Please allow this liquid residual product 7-10 days for product to start working to see best results. In that timeframe and thereafter you should start to see a decrease in pest activity. This liquid product will act as a barrier to prevent any pests from entering the interior of the house. If you should have any questions or concerns please call us. Thank you for choosing Green Pest Solutions.

Jayme R.

Jayme R. Job Checkin

Today I performed your initial pest control service. I installed mouse bait stations to crawl space and garage as needed for recent mouse activity. I inspected the interior and exterior of your home for pest activity and conducive conditions and removed any webs from around lower windows and doorways. I treated the exterior crack and crevice under siding and along foundation perimeter for general insect and arachnid control. Additionally, I applied a moisture activated granular product to lawn and landscape areas close to the house for general insect and arachnid control. Lastly I installed exterior rodent bait stations as needed for recent rodent activity. Thank you for choosing Green Pest Solutions!Received check for $239.91

Daniel K.

Daniel K. Job Checkin

Today I completed your pest control quarterly. I dusted for any cobwebs on the exterior of the home. A liquid residual was used to treat around the foundation windows and doors for general insects. A granualar perimeter treatment was used to create a bar

Brian B.

Brian B. Job Checkin

I performed a quarterly service today. Inspected the exterior of home. Treated the exterior foundation of home with a liquid Residual and granular. Knock down spiders webs around home exterior. Please avoid treated areas until dry. If need interior s

James S.

James S. Job Checkin

Today I completed your pest initial service. Customer noted ant and spider activity. A gel treatment along with ant bait arenas was applied to the kitchen, mudroom, and steps in living room for ant control. A liquid application was applied to the basemen