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William K.

William K. Job Checkin

Good day! Today I came out for your quarterly service. I applied liquid products to help with ants, spiders and other types of general pest. I also cleaned up some cobwebs from around the windows and doors. If you have any questions or concerns let us know. Tech Seif M

Martin W.

Martin W. Job Checkin

Today I completed your pest initial service. A liquid residual treatment was applied to the foundations, rear porch ceiling, and lower eaves. Also aerosols with the bee pole was used to treat all higher eaves and attic vents for wasps and carpenter bees . A carpenter ant granular was applied to front yard where multiple ant hills were. A Weber pole duster was used to knock down spider webs on the exterior. These applications are to aid in the prevention of insect entry and control. As advised, allow up to 2 weeks to see a decrease in carpenter bee activity. Please contact our office if you have any concerns or questions. Thank you for using Green Pest Solutions and have a great day.

Sam C.

Sam C. Job Checkin

Today I completed your one time service for carpenter bees. All areas of concern were treated with a liquid residual product. I also, treated all common areas as well for preventative purposes. Please allow our product 10-14 days to see best results. Give us a call if any questions or concerns arises. We appreciate your business thank you for choosing green pest solutions!!!

Daniel K.

Daniel K. Job Checkin

Today I completed your Pest initial service. You reported having some bee issues last year. I inspected around the home perimeter. Carpenter bees and wasps are present. I did not see any possible pest entry points. I treated all the eaves and soffits that I could reach with a liquid residual. This should help reduce the bee and wasp activity. I treated around the shed as a preventative for bee, ant and general pest prevention. I used a liquid residual to treat around the exterior foundation perimeter for ant, spider and general insect prevention. I treated all cracks and crevices thoroughly. Please allow 10-14 days to see the best results. If you need any further treatment please schedule a appointment with the office. Thank you for choosing green pest solutions and have a great day.