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Daniel K.

Daniel K.

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Today I completed your quarterly pest control service. I treated the basement with a liquid residual and replaced the glue traps. No rodent activity in the basement just a few crickets. I inspected the shed rodent bait station. No activity I placed a glue trap in there as well. I checked the exterior rodent bait stations. No activity. I replaced the bait because the ants were eating the bait. I dusted your home exterior for cobwebs. I inspected the exterior foundation perimeter for any possible pest entry points. None were found at this time. A liquid residual was used to treat around the exterior foundation perimeter, windows and doors for the prevention of ant and general insect activity. A granular perimeter treatment was used to reduce insect activity around the home perimeter. Please allow 10-14 days to see the best results. If you need any further treatment please call and schedule a appointment with the office. Thank you for choosing Green Pests Solutions and have a great day.