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Daniel K.

Daniel K.

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Today I completed your one time pest control service. Your major concern is ant activity in the kitchen and bathroom. I treated the whole interior at the baseboards also treating the basement and the kitchen backsplash. I used a liquid residual at the baseboards and treated a paper towel to treat the backsplash for the ant activity. I gave you 5 ant bait arenas to place out anywhere you see ants. With the ant arenas You may see a increase in ant activity at first. Then they should go away almost overnight. A small re-emergence may happen a week later and go away quickly. If you have any activity at 2 weeks please call for further treatment. Please allow the ants to go about their business. Do not use any other chemicals or kill them. This could render the treatment useless. I treated the exterior foundation perimeter, around windows and doors for the prevention of ant and general insect with a liquid residual. I also treated underneath the deck. The only activity I saw today was around