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Justin G.

Justin G. Job Checkin

Good afternoon. Today I completed your quarterly pest control service. Today I used a liquid residual product on the exterior perimeter foundation of the house as a preventative measure for ants, spiders, and general pest activity. Please allow this liquid residual product 7-10 days for product to start working and then in that time frame and thereafter you should start to see a decrease in pest activity. This liquid product will leave an invisible band that the pests do not know is there, they cross over, pick up the chemical on their sticky appendages(legs) and possibly transfer the chemical back to each other, eventually it will catch up to the pests and kill them. I then used an ant bait granular around the exterior perimeter foundation corners of the house. This granular will help deter and kill any and all ant activity from entering the interior of your household. Finally, I used a moisture activated granular around the exterior perimeter foundation. If you should have any questi

Martin W.

Martin W. Job Checkin

Today I completed your quarterly managers pest service. A liquid residual treatment was applied around the exterior of house. With our focus being in ceiling of front porch, and cracks n crevices around the exterior for spiders. Also a moisture activated granular application was spread around the exterior front and sides of home. A Weber pole duster was used to knock down spider webs, and mud wasp nests up in soffits/eaves, porch ceiling, around the exterior of home. These applications are to aid in the prevention of insect entry and insect control. Please allow up to 14days to see a decrease in activity. And contact our office if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for using Green Pest Solutions and have a great day.

Sam C.

Sam C. Job Checkin

Today I completed your quarterly pest control service. A liquid residual product was applied to the exterior (Target Pest: GPCS), this will prevent seasonal pest from entering your home. I also, granulated on the front of the house. Lastly, I used my pol

Keith K.

Keith K. Job Checkin

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