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Daniel K.

Daniel K.

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Today I completed your Pest initial service. I treated the basement, crawl space, first floor and some of the second floor for ants with a liquid residual. I placed ant arenas with gel bait in them to drawl them through the treatment. You will see a increase in activity before it decreases. Please allow the ants to go about their business. Do not use any other chemicals as they may render our treatment ineffective. I placed small rodent bait stations in the crawl space and under the stove as a rodent preventative. I also placed a large rodent bait station on the exterior near the crawl space vent. I dusted your home and shed exterior for cobwebs. I treated the exterior of the home with a liquid residual. I also treated the soffits that had separations to stop any flying insects. I treated around the foundation, windows, and doors of the exterior perimeter and any cracks and crevices accordingly. A ant granular perimeter treatment was used to reduce the insect activity around the home a