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Merlin S.

Merlin S.

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Today I completed your initial inspection and treatment. After speaking with you and inspecting your home, I noticed that you are having issues with ants. I knocked down any cobwebs around the home, and then I applied a liquid residual treatment to the exterior perimeter of the home, focusing on the foundation, windows, doorways and soffits, as well as inside the home, in the kitchen and the basement. I applied an ant gel bait by the exterior of the kitchen window, as well as a granular ant bait under the bush in front of it, as I noticed a large amount of activity coming from this bush, including them using it as a trail leading right to the kitchen window where you are experiencing issues. You will temporarily see increased activity in this area. I also inspected your two exterior Rodent Bait Stations, one of which was completely empty and one of which was completely full, both were refilled with new bait. Please allow 10-14 days for the treatment to take full effect. If there are an