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Daniel K.

Daniel K.

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Today I completed your monthly pest control service. I treated the interior of the kitchen for roaches. The cook said that he doesn’t really see that many. I treated with a liquid residual and replaced all the glue traps. I used roach bait in certain areas. During my treatment I did notice that underneath and behind all the areas used to cook need to be cleaned thoroughly. This will help with any activity. I could not treat the bar or dining areas due to clientele being in those areas. I placed a new large rodent bait station behind the pro shop but placed it inside the cart wash room. I replaced another small bait station bait just inside the cart garage. I inspected the rest of the exterior stations and they have no activity. I replaced the bait in all of them. Please allow 10-14 days to see the best results. Thank you for choosing Green Pest solutions and have a great day.