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Jake K.

Jake K.

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Good morning, today I was here and completed your quarterly pest control service visit. I started inside in the basement checking all mouse bait stations and glue boards and unfinished and finished areas. There was zero activity detected in any of the mouse bait stations. A couple glue boards showed very minimal pest activity such as one bug. Glue boards were replaced with new. Moving upstairs, I checked your mouse bait station in the bedroom showing zero activity. We did not check behind the stove this time but last time there was also zero activity. Moving to the exterior of the home, I checked all three exterior rodent bait stations. The station next to the a/c showed zero activity. The two rear stations showed minimal activity. Both were replaced with new bait. Lastly, I applied a liquid residual treatment along the entire foundation, underneath siding, around windows when applicable that were closed, and other crack/crevices. Please allow 10 to 14 days in order to see any decrease